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What's Up EPPIC Fans

My name is Cody Epp

I've been that guy holding a camera with or without you knowing it for the last decade.  I'm a Canadian certified drone pilot, an avid thrill seeking adventurer and people generally say I'm pretty fun to be around.


About Eppic Media

Cody Epp is the founder and creator of Eppic Media.

Working with various professionals, together we operate under the philosophy that there is more to photographing homes and businesses than lighting, staging and angles. Truly effective images contain the intangible quality of coziness, inviting viewers to imagine themselves as part of the scene.

With 15 years of media experience my self, I have been making properties shine for real estate agents, interior designers, commercial architects and anyone who occupies the blue collar industry

that builds this country we live in.

Based out of Steinbach, Mb, The Eppic Media team is here to serve the surrounding area with the highest quality media content using the latest technology on the market.

Wheel Barrow Race
Sunset Malibu
Egg Toss
Macara Lake
Top Down Pickerel Bay
Swim Contest
Sunset in Fall
Castle Cabin
Lake Time Paradise
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