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Brand Your Business

Attracting and retaining customers to your brand is an essential part of business. We spend a great deal of time on our devices. It's easy for content to become mundane and all looking the same. Throw some EPPIC Media in the mix of your content and you'll be sure to stand out!

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Blue Collar Industry Know-How

   Are you a blue-collar company seeking a partner who not only understands the ins and outs of the industry but also resonates with the grit and determination of the blue-collar world? Look no further. With a genuine passion for off-road vehicles and a hands-on understanding of the challenges faced by blue-collar workers, I bring a unique perspective to the table. By collaborating with me, you'll gain a partner who not only speaks the language of the blue-collar world but also possesses the industry knowledge to elevate your brand within it.

Strategic Branding Dynamo


In a competitive market, standing out is paramount. As a branding and marketing specialist, I possess the skills to make your company shine. From creating a unique brand identity to implementing strategic marketing campaigns, I've got a proven track record of delivering results.
Choose to work with me, and let's build a brand that not only captivates your audience but also solidifies your position as an industry leader.



Audience Retention Matters

Results matter, especially when it comes to keeping your audience engaged and loyal. With a history of driving tangible outcomes in audience retention for clients, I bring a results-oriented approach to every project. Whether it's cultivating lasting connections, increasing customer loyalty, or navigating industry challenges to maintain a strong and dedicated audience base, I've successfully tackled it all.


Book an Appointment

We were looking to upgrade our website with some new photos of equipment and the staff changes we've had in the last few years. I had seen Cody's work on social media and really liked his style. We set up a time, he came and took photos of our staff and new equipment, and made us all laugh a bunch. Super guy!

~ Josh

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